Master your finances, Refine Yourself in all areas of your life, and Grow your business!

Dennis offers life changing workshops to dramatically improve your finances, business, and life.

1 Day Financial Mastery Workshop

Financial Mastery, Budgeting, 1 day workshop

In this 1 Day Financial Immersive Workshop, you will traverse through introductory financial basics like what finances are and understanding your credit score to how to create a successful financial future with multiple streams of income for smart investing. Join in for this day of mastery as you take charge of your financial future and literacy to establish Your Financial Freedom!

2 Day YOU Refined Workshop

Refinement, 2 day Workshop, self improvement

Refine yourself as you deep-dive into relationship and communication struggles, shedding light on the 6 Key Factors of Refinement and how to apply them to every aspect of life for real and lasting transformation. Improve your awareness of self and others, while increasing feelings of tranquility and harmony, as you learn to refine your perception through these 6 Key Factors for Excellence.

2 Day Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator, business Growth, 2 day workshop, business blueprint

In this Two Day Intensive, you will transform your Business Idea into a viable Business Plan. Through targeted and poignant guidance, you will identify the type of business you want, design your Business Plan, establish your brand, identify your Ideal client, and create a clear vision of your business model and the steps necessary to turn your dream into a reality. You will also gain essential financial tools to accurately plan for budgeting, price setting, sales projections and an in depth understanding of the 4 Pillars of a Successful Business.networking, Masterminds, interpersonal relationships and team building experiences.