Corporate & Small Business


Build Team productivity, engagement, and communication through focused exercises to boost the bottom line, identify areas for business development and growth, and increase team resonance. Each presentation is catered to your specific needs as a company and team.

Whether presenting to your team or working behind the scenes, turn your business into a Profit Generating Machine. 

Productivity : Tailored Business Assessment 

    ·  Discover areas of vulnerability in your business and how to fine-tune those areas for productivity 

    ·  Clear & Detailed Action Plan for Team & Wealth Building, including 

          + Goals

          + Benchmarks

          + Improved Workflow 

          + Enhancements for Every Area of Your Business

Communication : Tailored Business Coaching 

    ·  Ongoing Support & Guidance for Executives & Leaders to motivate & inspire their teams

    ·  Establish Work/Life Balance 

    ·  Create time for family & self, while increasing productivity 

    ·  Discover your top values, to feel inspired and energized by work

Engagement : Tailored Branding

    ·  Outline or Refine the Brand’s Mission  

    ·  Generate a unique plan for Brand Recognition 

    ·  Establish easy-to-follow, reproducible steps to Growth & Expansion

Financial Growth: Personalized Wealth & Asset Management

    ·  Thorough overview of your liabilities & assets 

    ·  A Comprehensive assessment, showing how to restructure your wealth, and turn assets into wealth 

       building tools for maximum growth

Team Growth & Relationship Building 

Employee Coaching

    ·  Contribute to your Employee’s growth & development

    ·  Empower your team to be the best they can be

    ·  Build team morale, by helping each team member to recognize their unique gifts and value 

Employee Acquisition

    ·  Stream line work flow 

    ·  Reduce costly employee turnover by hiring dedicated, hard working and inspired individuals, who are 

       dedicated to your business’ growth and success by thoroughly screening individuals 

Team Building Workshops 

    ·  Improve colleague relationships

    ·  Minimize & resolve workplace conflict

    ·  Improve employee morale and resonance 

    ·  Boost Productivity by creating an inspired work environment 

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Customer Acquisition Blueprint 

    ·  Attract the customers who are best suited for your business, by utilizing a strategic and custom designed 

       blueprint for your business  

Customer Retention Blueprint

    ·  Increase customer loyalty 

    ·  Customized blueprint to better understanding your customer, their needs, and their buying habits  

    ·  New and innovative methods to keep your customer coming back for more

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