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Dennis is a successful lifestyle coach and an award-winning author who has risen out of challenge to positively transform his life. He now leads others on their own inspired mission of financial, business, personal and wellness success.


Whether guiding corporate leaders, small business owners, groups or individuals, Dennis’ non-judgmental, results-driven approach has led clients to experience freedom like never before. His results-guaranteed coaching ensures that each client achieves the transformation they desire.

Financial Freedom and Business Success: 

Dennis has guided a variety of clients from those searching to rebuild their lives and experience freedom from debt to those looking to expand their already successful businesses and corporations into new territories, including national and global markets. Whether starting at a foundational level and growing financial literacy to managing multi-million dollar companies, Dennis approaches every client with a genuine desire to help each person accomplish and even surpass their goals to experience their greatest vision of success. 

Health & Wellness:

By working through fears, phobias and limiting beliefs, Dennis guides clients to recognize achievable goals they might not have had the confidence or awareness to realize for them self. Dennis’ clients have reported success is physical health, vibrancy and energy, mood and mindset, weight loss and confidence. By utilizing his realistic and attainable accountability program, Dennis' clients thrive. 

Personal Development and Relationship Coaching: 

Dennis is able to enter one-on-one and relationship sessions from and unbiased perspective, offering unique and neutral insight to empower individuals and couples to gain clarity, reassess and refine their goals to ensure they reach their full potential and desired success. 

See What Dennis’ Clients are Saying:

“After feeling depressed, worthless and unattractive most my life I eventually decided that something needed to change. When I saw Dennis’1-on-1 coaching program I wasn’t sure at first but something got me to go along with it and to be honest it’s changed my life completely. Dennis was the first person who believed in me and I didn’t want to let him down. This had led me to transform every area of my life. I’m living out the best years of my life exploring other countries around the world thanks to Dennis!”

Chelsea Rosenberg, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“When I first started working with Dennis I was rude, arrogant, and disrespectful and had a really bad attitude along with awful habits to match. I was really hesitant in the beginning to even work with him. After all I didn’t want someone else to tell me how to live my life, but that was exactly what I needed. An outsider’s perspective of what my words and actions were doing to damage my prospects with other people. Thanks Dennis!”

Eric Fernandes, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

"Dennis saved our marriage! Having been clients of his for over 16 months; he always helps us find ways to improve ourselves and enhance our relationship. Before we met him, our marriage was a disaster. Jason and I would argue over the same things, rarely able to agree on anything - we were on the verge of filing for divorce. Thankfully, with Dennis’ help and guidance Jason and I have been able to work on our relationship; and now, I feel closer to Jason and love him more than I ever have in our 23 years of marriage. Thank you Dennis, we couldn’t have done it without you!” 

Brenda Morrison, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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